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Guided Energy Healing - The healing of mind, body and spirit through the use of Reiki , performed in the Burlington/Oakville and Hamilton Ontario area.

Hello and welcome,                    
I truly believe that all healing, physical, emotional and spiritual start with figuring out just what is "stuck" or where the "block" is. I will help you through a combination of modalities to remind the body or soul how to release these "blockages". You will learn to shift your perception from the energy of fear to the energy of love. With Guided Energy Healing you will become more open to the love that is available to you, including the love you have for yourself.
Understanding how to help yourself will empower you to embrace change.  By working with metaphysical concepts you can change your life by changing your thinking and by releasing old negative patterns and beliefs.
 I create a safe place for you to heal yourself.  


Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and comments.
With love and gratitude, Sandra

Guided Meditations in a Salt Cave.
Each week will carry its own theme.  Join me as you are guided to a state of deep relaxation where tension is released from your body and your mind switches off.  
See "Events and Workshops" page for more info.  



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